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Professional Manufacturer For Solar Thermal SystemA few facts Renewable energy solution have been around for some time now ,many thousands of ecologically mindedhomeowners have taken green initiatives in an attempt to reduce their carbon footprint in one way or another.not least of all by installing solar thermal hot water system in their homes.Climate change is now a generally accepted fact. This is increased our focus on alternative energy sourcessuch as solar thermal water heating and a greater understanding is emerging that even normal daylight issufficient to generate some hot water via solar collectors and the sunny climes of the continent are not solebeneficiaries of the most abundant power source on the planet ,the sun. How much of our water heating energy needs could be provided by solar?During the summer months as much as 100% of the energy needed could be provided by solar .in winter,despite the lower intensity of the sun's ray and fewer daylight hours as much as 30% could be solar. Onaverage throughout the year up to 70% of a dwelling's hot water requirement can be provided by solar power.The balance is normally provided by traditional means; either indirect (via a gas oil or electric boiler heating asecond coil within the tank) or direct (via electric immersion heaters in the tank)Hayasolar offer various models of solar thermal system: Separate pressurized solar water heater system Integrated pressurized solar water heater system Integrated pre-heat pressurized solar water heater system Integrated non-pressurized solar water heater systemIntegrated flat panel solar themosphon svstem